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Take a seat. Make yourself uncomfortable.

So many things about climate change make us feel uncomfortable. Shall we list some of them?

  • We feel guilty for the ways we deem ourselves complicit in the destruction of ecosystems and other forms of life on earth.
  • We feel guilty for not doing anything (much) about it.
  • We feel guilty that we’re not feeling the effects of climate change in as big a way as other people in other parts of the world.
  • We feel scared seeing what is happening and wonder when we will start to feel the effects (more), and what that will be like.

Our brains go down these pathways pretty easily. But other pathways are available upon request.

Every time you find yourself having a feeling about climate change, say to yourself, “That’s interesting!” Use a bit of compassionate curiosity.

Then start to re-direct your attention (where your brain goes) to something along these lines.

Yes, I admit things are bad and I have played a role in this. But this is the most amazing time to be alive. The challenges are huge and the rewards bigger than ever before on earth! How lucky to be alive to see all this happening and play a role in making this transition go as well as possible! This is like a real Hollywood film where everything is at stake! Woo hoo!

That might seem trite, forced, difficult… but changing what you say to yourself about climate change will start to open new possibilities as to how to respond. We can move away from the numbness by changing our neuronal pathways on demand. We really can!

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Offering workshops to people driven by a collapse narrative: decolonisation, white supremacy culture patterns, cult dynamics.

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