12 Reasons Men Need 12 Hugs Per Day

Heather Luna, Keduzi
2 min readJul 14, 2014

We need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 days a hug for growth. — Virgina Satir

Men don’t do things by halves, so we’re going for 12 hugs per day. Here’s why:

  1. Boys usually didn’t get as many cuddles as girls when they were little. So there’s a lot of making up to do.
  2. Men put a lot of pressure on themselves and a hug will relieve that a bit.
  3. It can feel pretty lonely being a man.
  4. Men normally don’t get to hug and be close to their closest same-sex friends.
  5. Men sometimes forget how to take care of themselves. Hugging is self-care.
  6. Men actually don’t want “just one thing”.
  7. People often expect men to be violent/aggressive. This is not that.
  8. Men are often considered to be expendable. A hug shows they’re not. The people hugging the men need hugs, too.
  9. Our society tends to see the role of men as productive actors in the economy. Now they get to be cooperative huggers.
  10. Men sometimes numb themselves out and hugging unnumbs. (Well, a good hug does.)
  11. Men care about other people and want to make friends.
  12. Men are human, too. (But that’s for another post.)

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Heather Luna, Keduzi

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